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Yu Migou

Release time:2022-06-28 13:09:16

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We also were very happy to hear your excitement over the anniversaries and seeing 2020 the way we see it; that it is the moment to leapfrog, to accelerate. Anniversaries tend to do that. When it’s your wedding anniversary you reflect how far you have come. If it is your birthday, you reflect. If it is the beginning of the year, you reflect, and you commit to doing things better. And this year we are hoping that these anniversaries will also have that same effect, except that in our case it is really ambitious because we are having to leapfrog, because we have been moving very slow, and we are saying that now is the time for giant steps. We just cannot afford baby steps anymore. It cannot be incremental change. We want change that is fast, but also it must be change that lasts. That is the caveat.

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UN Women joins our sister UN agencies in today’s recognition of the vital importance of the world’s indigenous peoples. At a time when human mobility is on the increase, we recognize that together, they maintain 80 per cent of global biodiversity. All of humanity is indebted to their custodianship. Indeed, if we are to achieve Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15, to sustainably manage life on land, this vital contribution must be urgently recognized and protected. It is time that we all listen to what indigenous people have to say, and pay close attention, especially to the knowledge and concerns of the world’s indigenous women.


Airlines are also gearing up for the busy travel weekend. United Airlines expects an average of 4,000 flights a day over the weekend, American Airlines says it will average 5,700 flights a day and Delta Air Lines is planning on 4,500 daily flights per day.

These events have given the work of the WFA’s new Diversity & Inclusion taskforce a new urgency. This group is determined to help brands play an authentic and meaningful role in moving society to a better place. 


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